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In the future humans are divided into sex negatives and sex positives the negatives get sick if they have sex so they go to cafe flesh to see positives who are forced to perform on stage for the negatives lana is a positive who.

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Caf233 flesh is a 1982 postapocalyptic cult pornographic science fiction film designed and directed by stephen sayadian under the pseudonym rinse dream and cowritten by sayadian and jerry stahl credited as herbert w day music was composed and produced by noted music producer mitchell froom and later appeared in his album key of cool two sequels cafe flesh 2 and cafe flesh 3.

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We thought wed take a look back at one of the most bizarre and interesting porn films to come out of the early 80s caf233 flesh a prescient postapocalyptic dystopian sexsatire directed by someone named rinse dream more about that later that blends both hardcore pornography yes actual xrated penetrating stuff with performance art.

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Stephen sayadian director caf233 flesh stephen sayadian was born on october 18 1953 in chicago illinois usa he is a production designer and director.

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